Saturday July 28th Celebrate Kilmarnock Summer Fair

Sunday September 30th

Year of Young People event
This is aimed at young people of secondary school age, though other young people will be welcome to attend.  The afternoon will devoted to fun, food and making new friends.  This will then merge into a late afternoon / early evening service at the Salvation Army for people of all ages, with much of the worship led by young people.

Sunday October 28th

Christian Social Responsibility Service at St John's at 7pm
The theme of this service will be Christian social responsibility.  It will include contributions from organisers of EACHa (East Ayrshire Homelessness Action), Broken Chains and Faith in Throughcare.

Sunday December 2nd

Inclusive Worship for people with disabilities at the Howard Centre in the afternoon.

Saturday December 22nd

Carols at the Cross 11am - noon