As we turn into April, it is time to think about Christian Aid Week from 15th to 21st May. There will be house to house collections in that week, but the Kilmarnock Christian Aid Committee is thinking of new ways of funding raising this year and is appealing to churches to help in this effort.

A favourite way for charities to raise funds is by sponsored walks. Due to retirement of faithful supporters who have worked for Christian Aid for decades, the local CA Committee is currently not large enough to mount an ambitious sponsored walk on the scale of Roon the Toon. To simplify matters, we are therefore appealing to churches which have walking groups to designate one of the walks in their programme for this spring and summer as a sponsored walk for their own members and friends, with the proceeds going to Christian Aid. This need not take place in May, as there is a need to raise fund all year round.

If your church has a Walking Group or would like to hold a "one off" walk this year, please contact Helen Colman, Christian Aid Secretary for this area, at 01563-524259, or Barbara Graham at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01563-522108.